"Flea markets" in Transcarpathia, or how to make money on unnecessary things? Part 2.

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"Flea markets" in Transcarpathia, or how to make money on unnecessary things? Part 2.

PART TWO. Sellers and buyers are virtual.

In the first part of the article we covered the topic of used things. Or new, but not really needed ones. What to do with them? We have already discussed such options, as thrift shops, pawn shops and flea markets and agreed that they were unpromising or archaic. What's next? How to sell a thing, useless to you, but definitely useful to someone else, without hurting your reputation and mood?

Right at your desk

In this era, there is not a single person who would not be familiar with the Internet. And some people even mastered its tools. For example, the virtual flea market SLANDO where you can buy or sell anything.     The vast majority of sellers there are individuals with used skis, rollers, cameras, children's clothing and other classic second-hand goods. SLANDO's main competitor is AUKRO. It is even advertised on TV. But the registration procudure there is stricter and you must pass the verification process. So people prefer "Slando" and courier services constantly deliver goods in almost every village.

In order to sell your product, you just need to take a good picture of it, describe in detail, honestly specify the reason of sales, product deficiencies, if any, and wait for a call or letter from a potential buyer. If you don't receive calls for a long time, just update the date of your ad so that it would be visible not on the tenth page of search results, but on the first one - today, the second one - tomorrow, and third one - after tomorrow. Although in the category of particularly popular goods, you can become archive already in a few hours.

Those, who sell on the online flea markets professionally, and their number is increasing, always ensure that their goods are in top search results. Interestingly, some people even sell things that they do not have... yet. This is a purchase at your request. You pay the dealer 10% of the price as a guarantee of your serious intentions and then wait for 2-3 weeks while the product is delivered from China to the retailer, and from there - to you.

"Flea markets" in Transcarpathia, or how to make money on unnecessary things? Part 2. (БарахолкаВК)



As you can see, online shopping has its own tricks, as any other business. As in the first part of the article, we found in our region an expert in the discussed topic. It is Yaroslav Danylovsky - the administrator of the popular group in the social network VKontakte, which is called "Flea market of Transcarpathia" and even has its logo with a bear.

- Yaroslav, how did the idea to create an online flea market come to you and why do you think it will be effective?

- Many people nowadays spend considerable time at the computer. Like all normal people, we were spending most of the time in vain in various social networks.   The idea is not new in the internet, so we did not have much problems in its implementation.


 We focused primarily on the design of the group. First of all, we developed the group logo, the catalog with relevant categories.

Now there are too many groups engaged in similar activities. Our goal is to locally unite people of our region and give them opportunity to put ads for free, to buy, to exchange and to give things.

- According to your observations, what things do Transcarpathians try to sell the most?

- Right now, they buy and sell anything on the internet. One can not say that any specific things are sold or purchased more or less frequently.


In the popular social network, recently, there also has been a trend of rapid growth in the number of sellers or services. In our opinion, most of the offers are for sale of various souvenirs and original presents, handicrafts (jewelry), that is things that are not expensive and can be given to anyone regardless of individual features. Also, there are a lot of online stores or vendors that sell new and used clothing and shoes. Few people dare to buy from them, because such things are more difficult to choose remotely.

I would also like to point out that in this method, it is quite easy to deceive people. A shady seller can take an advance and not send the goods, the goods may not meet the specified requirements, be in a worse condition than that on the photo, so you should always be cautious and not be very excited by too alluring deals!

Can not sell it? Give it for free!


- What other rules you need to follow in order to sell the used thing online?Make your top 5 or top 10 tips!

- After selling many things, users of our group compiled basic rules and guidance on how to successfully and quickly sell the desired product. So the basic rules are the following:

1. Analyze the relevance of and demand for the thing you want to sell. If it is used, then it is likely that at the time when you want to sell, there is no demand for it anymore, and the price is minimal. So if you do not want to throw it out, but you also have no use of it, it is better to give it to someone, maybe it will be useful for someone else. Or it can be exchanged for some nice trinkets, like a pack of juice or chocolate. Such things may be old components for computers and so on. If the thing is relevant and it is worth to sell it, you should do anything to sell it as soon as possible.

2. When selling both used and new products on the internet, much attention should be paid to the design of ads. First, the main condition for the successful sale of your product is a quality picture of that product. The ability to take a picture of the thing in the right angle and in good quality is welcomed and greatly affects the impression on the buyer. Second, the product description should include all the features of the product. 

3. According to administrators of our group, the basic rule is honesty of a seller. That is, in the description of the condition and features of the product that you want to sell, you have to specify the real state of things, if there are any defects or malfunctions, describe them in detail. If you are going to sell one or two things, then maybe you will get away with a false description and deception of a buyer. But experienced salespeople know that the most important thing they need to take care of is their reputation!

4. It is necessary to use many sites to sell, then there is more chances to sell a thing quickly.

5. Finally, you should be willing to sell a thing. That is, after posting several ads in one day, you must not stop and just wait for the thing to sell itself. You must regularly update your ads and use all the possibilities for advertising.


- Do you willingly give advice to beginners?

- We are willing to help anyone in the design of advertisements of meetings and events. We regularly hold contests with interesting prizes to attract the audience. For example, the contest on the day of St. Nicholas. Soon, we will arrange some other attractions to attract audiences. Because the number of buyers and sellers on the Internet is growing.

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