Shocked in Paris

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Shocked in Paris

"One who is warned is forearmed!" This phrase reminds that it is better to prepare yourself to a long-awaited trip to the fashion capital. Restless and forever young Paris is full of surprises, which you should be ready for, and some of them can be magnanimously forgiven.


This time, let's start with verbal emotions of tourists affected with the virus of "snobbery" and "envying cynicism," like, "Yeah, they have many problems too." First on the list are the least attractive, but much needed everyday details:

1. Garbage. In some neighborhoods of Paris you wonder what the greater problem is: that they litter, or that they do not clean. Or rather, they do clean, but they do it in the morning. So, the next night the situation is repeated. In fact, the city is inhabited by a large number of immigrants who are not yet accustomed to basic rules of conduct, such as tidiness. It should also be noted, that they do not dare litter on a clean street or square, but where "their" garbage will not stand out against the general picture, it always morally easier. Tourists from different countries behave the same. For some reason, nobody throws empty disposable tableware, bags, wrappers and other trash on the Place Vendôme, where the 5-star Ritz hotel is located...

There is also a "plus". Every morning, starting at 05:00, dump trucks sweep all the streets, annoying drivers with their slow movement. Before closing, each restaurant, as well as hotels and other facilities clean the area around their premises.


Shocked in Paris (1)
Shocked in Paris (1a)

2. Metro in Paris. Transitions. The biggest panic occurs at the moment when you see the plan of the Metro. Each line is designated by its color and figure, but what is particularly impressive is their number - sixteen!

Allow yourself the first 60 seconds of panic, and then confidently proceed to the next step: find out the name of the metro station closest to the place in Paris where you want to get. Fix in memory the name of the station, where you are, and then... look for signs! Metro is very convenient! One important moment - there are less escalators in the subways than staircases. You will have to walk up and down the stairs more than once, so be sure to take comfortable shoes.


Shocked in Paris (2)
Shocked in Paris (2a)
Shocked in Paris (2b)

3.French residential spaces. The average size of the hotel room is 9-12 square meters. If you have ever sunbathed in Turkey, Egypt, Croatia and other countries of the beach vacation, then you know that the standard size of hotel rooms there is 22-24 square meters, twice the size of Paris ones. The cost of accommodation in three-star hotels is 80-200 Euros per double room / one night without breakfast.

Shocked in Paris (3)
Shocked in Paris (3a)
Shocked in Paris (3b)
Shocked in Paris (4 (фото не моє))

4.Ratatouille. The famous cartoon of the same name was "shot" in Paris for a reason. In the evening (sometimes during the day), rather well-fed rats can often be seen running across the street or along the Seine River. And that is nothing new! It has become the attribute of Parisian life!

Shocked in Paris (5 мультфыльм рататуй)

5.Waiters and cafes. Do not expect prompt attention from Parisian waiters! Once you have chosen a convenient place in the cafe (on the terrace), a waiter will come to you almost immediately (within five, or even ten minutes). If you are lucky, and they took your order quickly, do not expect to get your soup or steak at the same pace (they will bring drinks quickly, though). In small cafes, waiters can even cook meals themselves. But this is not the reason: if you are in a rush, they will simply not understand you, after all you came to Paris to enjoy! Please note that the chairs on cafe terraces do not face each other, but face the same direction as in theaters.

Shocked in Paris (6)
Shocked in Paris (6a)
Shocked in Paris (6c)
Shocked in Paris (7)

6. More tips for trips to France:

- Alcohol is sold in stores (officially) until 22:00.

- Do not leave valuables in the hotel.

- In the crowded tourist spots and in subway trains, watch your pockets and bags.

- In nightclubs, if a pretty young girl sits next to you and in the process asks you to order a glass of champagne, it will cost you dearly - 100-150 euros (these services do not include anything "erotic") and you will have to pay!

- Do not walk alone in the remote areas of the city late in the evening (nothing tragical has ever happened, but they can snatch a purse from the hands).

- "Be careful" is the golden rule of every trip!

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