Mykhailo Dorohovych - romantic loner, lover of mountains

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Mykhailo Dorohovych - romantic loner, lover of mountains

The name of Mykhailo Dorohovych - well known in not too narrow circles of Transcarpathian artists - has been spread all over the Interenet after his voyage to a remote, romantic and mysterious Kamchatka. Photos, taken and published by the master made him even more respected. Here is the hero, who can overcome both horizontal and vertical kilometers, refuting myths about the inaccessibility of lands and dreams. The conversation with Mykhailo confirmed the presence of mystical quality in his personality and proved that modern heroes are not without romance. And, perhaps, thanks to it, they get stronger, harder and more attractive.


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About the mountains

Kamchatka is my childhood dream. Since being a child, I have loved geography and been interested in other countries, everything related to travels. Thank God, the time has come when I can make my intentions and dreams true.

I thoroughly prepare to each journey for almost a year: lay a route, study terrain and culture, work out... The fact is that only in the mountains I feel really happy, receive powerful energy that helps me realize next endeavours.

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About the profession and... the mountains

Actually, I began to study photography in Uzhgorod College of Arts. There, among the required courses, they taught us the basics of photography. However, I learned the profession by myself.

Of course for ambitious people, the capital city has much more potential for development, fulfillment. I had really good offers, but I realized that the rhythm, the crowd, the stress, and ultimately, the environment of the big city is not for me.

Today I don't keep in touch with colleagues much, if you talk about a kind of guild club, although I have good relationships with almost everyone. I'm not interested in abusive comments, which the colleagues exchange in social networks. 

My current profession is too dependent on technology. Once, it was enough to invest, say, one thousand dollars and use the equipment for several years. Now, in order to be in the trend, you need to fill up "inventory" almost every month. I'm tired of chasing the technology! To me it ceases to be interesting...

Once, at the beginning (and I've been doing photography for over 15 years), I started with portraits, genre sketches ... But at this point I'm interested only in mountains: only there I can find the greatness, the power and true beauty ...


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About the well-being... and the mountains

The issue of money is relative, because for everyone it is important to have as much money as he or she needs. I need as much as is necessary for the next trip. Of course, it is important that the work would not take too much time, because it is needed for preparation. That's the answer.

It has become more difficult now. You see, almost everyone has cheap camera. Perhaps because of this, modern photography became amateurish, there are too many amateurs and too few professionals.

I have always been lucky to do what I want to do. Whether a client was cooperative, or I was able to convince them. Of course, it is not easy to work with people, but it is not worth to satisfy all their whims, which they actually do not even need! Commercial photography interests me less and less.

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About the people and... the mountains

Actually, the mountains are very various... For example, the Caucasus is power! The colossal grandeur of glaciers that slide right to the outskirts of the village! And people have dignity, without the fuss and pettiness of the plain...

Altai is cleanliness and space! Local people live on the gifts of the forest, rivers and mountains.Believe me, at the Altai you can drink water from any lake or river, it is that clean. People do not allow themselves to litter, spoil the nature, because it feeds them. And they themselves are clean and bright!

Kamchatka is rigor and generosity at the same time! There, I was struck by the generosity of local people. Interestingly, he who is the richest, is the most generous. Perhaps, the severity of the natural environment causes people to be more humane, who knows ... but there, it is so!

But in our Ukrainian Carpathians, I can travel only in winter.  Felling, dirt, debris - only snow can cover or at least slightly disguise these scars...


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About dreams and... the mountains

 Of course, all trips leave a mark in my heart... But I always live for the next journey. I have many virtual mountain routes: they are literally planned step by step. But now the most desirable is a trip to the Andes. I really hope that it will become true.

In the mountains I hate the crowd! First of all, it is very inconvenient. Imagine a group of people with shoulder pads, luggage! Few people are happy when such group get on the bus. And you can not hitch-hike with a group...

I live for emotions, for today and for future travels. Perhaps it is not right, but that is how I am, I'm interested in today and I do not know what will happen tomorrow!                                                 

Every person is happy when he or she is loved! In that I am sure, despite the necessity to be a loner in the mountains! Now, only the mountains give me a real enthusiasm, inspiration and energy! I have to be ambitious to implement my plans, but I think that when introducing yourself to others you should only say your name and surname. Only this should characterize a person!

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Photos by Mykhailo Dorohovych

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