Elsewhere they plant, and in Uzhgorod - they cut down

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Elsewhere they plant, and in Uzhgorod - they cut down

Not all Transcarpathian cities managed to refresh the greenery this spring. In some cities landscaping is performed with enthusiasm, in others - not so much.

In the Peremoha Park there will be edible chestnuts

Red and common oaks, chestnuts, lindens, decorative apple and cherry trees - over 600 varieties of trees have been planted in Mukachevo over the past weeks.

And the greening of the city continues. According to the chief engineer of Mukachevo "Blahoustriy" plant Mykola Bundzyak, in May they will start planting flowers in the pedestrian part of the city, at the entrances to Mukachevo and the Hill of Glory in the Peremoha Park. Flowers, he promises, will be very beautiful.

Also Mykola Bundzyak remarked that according to the plan, on every street of Mukachevo they would be using one and the same tree species. This principle was applied recently on Sh. Pak and Lysenko streets. The 40-year-old acacias, that had been growing there, were cut down and replaced with 200 young cherry trees.

"I am pleased that city residents look after the trees: water them, watch lest anyone damaged them. And recently, the locals even helped the police to catch the thief, who had wrenched one of the plants out of the ground," - Mr. Bundzyak said.

Many residents of Mukachevo also volunteered to improve the Peremoha Park. During a recent combined work they planted almost five hundred young trees, including 340 common and red oaks.

"The choice of varieties of trees was obvious. Oaks are long-living, as well as great and beautiful trees that are very suitable for parkland. Lindens absorb dust, and yet they are nectariferous and fragrant. Edible chestnut survives well in our conditions. It is also a nectariferous plant, besides its fruit is a true delicacy", - Mykola Bundzyak said.

New plantings also appeared on the Pershotravneva embankment in Mukachevo. 

Another novelty is decorative apple and plum trees planted on Dukhnovich and Tolstoy streets.They were chosen for landscaping of Mukachevo not only because of the beautiful color, but also to help the birds that during winter enjoy eating ornamental fruits of these trees.

"AgroMix" want to cut down old sakura trees

The situation with new plantings in the regional center is not so rosy. Although, as the "Zamok" previously reported, "AgroMix" received from the city treasury six million hryvnias for the greening of Uzhgorod.

As the director of the ME "AgroMix" Victor Martin informed, Uzhgorod workers had planted 60 linden trees on the newly renovated Mukachivska street, and 18 - on Shvabska street, where almost all the greenery had been cut down during the repair. 60 Oriental cherries have been planted on the longest street of Uzhgorod - Sobranetska, and Svoboda Avenue (the green strip between the lanes) has been decorated by "AgroMix" with 60 decorative globular bushes, which were planted there instead of cut out Thujas.

"In Uzhgorod there are a lot of old trees that need to be replaced with young ones. We are doing it gradually. I think it's time to cut down old sakuras in the center of the city, on Dovzhenko, Rakoczy, Brashchayky streets, because they are already 30-40 years old. We understand that these trees bloom more luxuriantly, so we have to cut them out and replace with young trees gradually so that the streets did not look "bald", - Victor Martin said.

As for flower beds, in Uzhgorod they want to plant annual flowers there. Thus, on the Petofi square, as well as on the roundabouts on B. Khmelnytsky, Druzhba Narodiv squares and Mynaiska street they will plant marigolds. Already next year, the director of "AgroMix" admitted, everything will be different. In order not to spend large sums of money each year for annual flowers, they plan to convert roundabouts and some other large flowerbeds into rose gardens. "The rose setting up is almost ready. We have some good varieties of red, white, yellow flowers. So, next spring we will be able to plant them. They will be blossoming for a long time, changing each other, so flowerbeds will have a very good look until the fall" - he said.

In Irshava there will be a new park

Meanwhile, even in a small Irshava this spring they planted almost the same amount of trees as that in the regional center - 130. Thus, the entrance to the city from Mukachevo in a few years will be rich in pink color. On Shevchenko street and on both sides of the sidewalk they planted hundreds of young sakura trees. The Mayor of Irshava Stepan Bobyk said that 40-year-old catalpas had been growing there before. Last year two of them fell (one fell right on the road, another - on power lines), so they decided to cut them down.

On Biletska street, where there is a 100-meter chestnut alley, utilities recently planted another 30 trees of this species. By the end of May, the city council want to develop a new promenade with trees, benches, sidewalk and lawn. However, the Irshava mayor holds the most ambitious plans for the enlargement of the town park. "Now we are working on the project to extend the park area up to the limits of the St. Illya church. In fact, the park area should be twice increased. We want to plant trees in this area, arrange volleyball field and playground. Around the church we will plant sakura trees, in the park there will also be a lot of them - just about 350" - Stepan Bobyk said.

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