«These are the kind of people who would surely hit if they have a hammer»

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«These are the kind of people who would surely hit if they have a hammer»

, – says the businessman from Vynohradiv district complaining of the constrains set by local authorities.

More than a month ago between the head of the village council of Velyki Komiaty in Vynogradiv district and local entrepreneur Yuri Penzenyk there emerged a conflict, details of which in a short time spread through regional media.

This story, which has even managed to gain a political context, began on August 7 with the trivial inspection of the village store.

The commission of 8 people led by the head of the village Natalia Kosteleba-Veremchuk visitited the grocery store, which belonged to Yuri Penzenyk. According to the entrepreneur, he still does not understand why they decided to inspect his shop, scince villagers complained about unsatisfactory work of completely different outlet. Ms. Natalia also confirmed that the inspection had been initiated because of claims of local residents to another store.Yuri also noted that nobody had informed of the audit in advance, and none of the committee members submitted the relevant documents to certify their identity and credentials.

By the way, the fact that on August 7, the commission together with the head was present in the entrepreneur's store, was recorded by surveillance cameras, installed at the facility. The businessman argues that they checked not only schedule, but also the availability of licenses and other permits, the temperature in refrigerators and more. That is they assumed the powers of relevant regulatory authorities. Actually the head of the village herself in an interview to the "Holos Carpat" (http://goloskarpat.info/statti/item/18289) confirmed that it is not in their jurisdiction to require the availability of licenses, documents, permits. According to Yuri Penzenyk, the head of the village council finally threatened: the shop must be closed in 10 days after the relevant decision adopted at the session.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of the story. August 12 four people (Mykola Veremchuk, Teslychko and Kerechanyn with his son in law) came to Yuri Penzenyk's store, and, as explained by the entrepreneur, called him for a "preventive" conversation.The men explained to him that he should not insult the head of the village and rebuke her, because his business could easily be wound up in a very short time."They threatened, and then hit me on the head" - Yuri recalls the events.

Initially the police would not institute criminal investigation. Vinogradiv police office sent to Larisa Penzenyk interesting formal reply: "The fact of the acts of hooliganism and inflicting bodily harm to her husband was properly investigated and it was decided to refuse to institute criminal proceedings due to the absence of evidence of a crime in the actions of Kerechanyn I.I. and Veremchuk M.V., as there was no serious violation of public order, combined with the most outrageous and exceptional cynicism."

However, the family of Penzenyk did not give up - a lawyer prepared statement to the regional prosecutor's office. Recently, in a telephone conversation, Mr. Yuri said that he had been summoned to the district prosecutor's office, so the case got off the ground. Initially the fact that at least at the regional level, the statement was not ignored was comforting. But recently, after another visit to the prosecutor the businessman told that his case still has not been set in motion. Only one of the defendants in the incident will bear at least some responsibility. Yuri Penzenyk says that his abuser will be fined for ... misdemeanor.

By the way, Yuri Penzenyk still has no answer to the question of why exactly he arose such a serious conflict with the head of the village, he says that he never interfered with anyone and does not understand such aggression. The only thing that, in his opinion, can at least somehow explain all these events is the fact that he has always openly expressed his beliefs and never concealed his attitude to the Party of Regions, which the village head cooperates with. 

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