PR paradoxes

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PR paradoxes

In the heat of the election campaign it is interesting to see how pro-government candidates for people's deputies build their election platforms on criticizing the current government. Or rather its activity or inactivity, which is especially evident at the level of each village and town. Here it is impossible to avoid existing issues, when communicating with prospective voters. So nominees of the Party of Regions have no choice but to choose a rather strange tactics: to campaign using their own miscalculations and mistakes.
Thus, during a meeting in Volovets district, Party of Regions member Mykhailo Lanio said that one of the major problems that he would seek to solve in the Parliament is roads to villages. 
"We must reallocate quotas for road repairs and allocate more to villages" - the candidate announced during the meeting. Surprisingly, Mr. Mykhailo - the deputy of the Regional Council - forgot that the money for roads had been distributed by his party bosses - the head of the State Administration and his deputies. Because of this, the issue was resolved at a session of the regional parliament only in the third attempt. 
Another candidate from the Party of Regions, Vyacheslav Shutko, during a speech in Mukachevo district also talked about the roads: "The state allocates money for repairs and construction of roads. I would like to ask the district authorities: what did they do with the money?" - asked Mr. Vyacheslav. The candidate also somehow "forgot" that the money for roads - 60 million - had been allocated by "white and blue" Cabinet. And regional authorities got a scolding from the Prime Minister Azarov for using only 10% of these meager money. 
Another candidate from Party of Regions, Deputy Governor Ivan Bushko also spoke about the roads. The problem of the roads he defines as "crucial." In particular, discussing the circular road of the village of Kidosh, Bushko was not too optimistic: "Now they actively repaire the stretch Kamianske-Beregovo, Beregovo-Mukachevo. Streets of Beregovo are also been repaired. Scince it is almost October, it is not worth to expect that the road to your village wil be renovated this year." This candidate somehow "modestly" left aside the fact that it was his party leaders in the Cabinet who delayed the transfer of funds, and the regional authorities who used the money too slowly.
Meanwhile, the press service of another candidate for people's deputy of Ukraine, Mykhailo Shelever, ambitiously said, "Foresters of Tyachiv and Rakhiv district are concerned with such problems as underdeveloped infrastructure, which prevents the usage of forest resources, the absence of a mountain roads network. The roads require major renovation, which requires large sums of money. They hope for a representative in parliament, who would lobby these important issues of the industry. The foresters want to see Mykhailo Shelever, whom they know and trust, as their deputy." So it turns out that the main reason that prevents the improvement of infrastructure and building of roads in Tyachiv and Rakhiv district is the absence of Mr. Shelever in the parliament. 
Also the party press office informed that during a meeting with Stepan Derkach "the villagers expressed their concern about high unemployment, meager salaries and pensions, poor roads, lack of proper infrastructure." Obviously this "concern" of ordinary Transcarpathians best describes and evaluates the work of the current government. 
Delicate humanitarian themes, which are always the subject of election campaign, are also in the focus of Party of Regions members: in particular, Ivan Bushko and Istvan Gajdos, candidates for deputies - the proteges of the Party of Regions, during the meeting with voters of villages of Muzhievo and Orosiyevo in Beregovo district "explained" the benefits of the new law "On the Principles of State Language Policy" for minorities in Transcarpathia. In response to numerous questions, concerning practical realization of certain provisions of the document, the politicians without telling anything specific noted that "the law has to be modified, it still has the provisions that need clarification. When everything is finally approved, the communities will get explanations." So it turns out that what they really mean is: You have the law, don't ask for more! And we will tell how to "use" it when we want to.

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