End od the world has been cancelled

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End od the world has been cancelled

Mysterious end of the Mayan calendar, parade of planets, which will put all the planets in the galaxy in a line down to its center, the approach of the mysterious planet Nibiru, an explosion on the sun - all these are scenarios of the Apocalypse, which is predicted to come on December 21. The "Zamok" decided to found out what Transcarpathian experts think about it.

"In 1982, they also predicted the end of the world"

Supervisor of the Space Research Laboratory of UzhNU Vitaly Yepishev says that he has repeatedly denied rumors abot the December 21 - ever since they appeared.

The first absolute nonsense is the planet called Nibiru. They say, there is such a star - brown dwarf around which Nibiru together with other 6 other planets shifts. It moves in the opposite to the other planets of the solar system direction, thus causing numerous cosmic destructions and earthly disasters. Internet spread rumors that Nibiru entered the solar system, is moving fast and on December 21 it will collide with the Earth, causing complete destruction thereof, or will be so close to her that earthquakes, huge tsunamis and other disasters will begin on Earth. That is, our planet is doomed anyway, but they are hiding this information from people to avoid panic.

"Everything is a lie - reassures Vitaly Yepishev. - No Nibiru comes close to us. It actually exists, but is so far away that its influence is not felt, and we can not say that disasters on Earth occur because of it. If a planet of this size actually were moving in our direction, it could have been seen by the naked eye at least a year before this time. So the talk that someone hides from us approaching of Nibiru is just someone's imagination."

The second scenario, according to which on December 21, during the parade of planets, not only objects in the solar system, but also planets of other star systems will supposedly line up in one line, creating a line to the center of the galaxy and causing a transition to another universe, is also ridiculous. The expert explained that the parade of planets is a phenomenon when at least six planets line up on one side of the sun in a line at the least angle.

At the end of December only four planets will line up - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Jupiter. And this phenomenon even can not be called a line, because the angle between the planets will reach 65 degrees. And this so called parade will start not on December 21 but on December 18 and end on December 25.

Uzhgorod astrologer Ms. Svitlana agrees with Vitaly Yepishev. She is confident: there will be no doomsday on December 21, however, the period starting from December 2012 indeed will be very difficult. "Mankind in these years will be changing, they will pay more attention to spirituality, charity - says Svitlana. - And those who continue to maintain animal life style will be got rid of. Overall, up to 2015 there will be many disasters on our planet that will drain the life of many people".

Father Vladislav Ihnatyshyn also does not believe in the End of the World on December 21. "The Scripture really describes the Apocalypse, - said the priest. - However, in my opinion, it is not worth to decipher the symbolism of numbers in Revelation, to connect them to a specific date.

As for the December 21, it seems to me that this is just another attempt to intimidate people".

Overall, they say that the myth of the Mayan end of the world was just a joke of an American archaeologist, who said this only once on a lecture to students. However, a panic began in the U.S., most gullible Americans even decided to spent last years of their lives indulging in every pleasure, so they bought things on credit (which they supposedly will not have to return) and enjoy themselves, waiting for December 21. And in the Internet they even offer to buy indulgence, that is remission of sins.

No matter that skeptics have long calculated that considering the 514 leap years since Caesar introduced this concept, the end of the world was to take place almost a year ago. And even the historians disproved the "fairy tale" about Maya, reporting that they accidentally discovered in Guatemala a new calendar that keeps the history of mankind for seven more millennia.

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