Sold out concert

Yulianna Yegorushkina, Alexey Philipov, 'Staryi Zamok'  13 July 2012 09:54  37516470 016956
Sold out concert

The concert of famous Lviv musicians: violinist Ostap Shutko and his wife - cellist Olga Shutko gathered full house in Mukachevo. This is the third concert of classical music, which a famous couple played in the city over Latoritsa for the last six months and every time - with a new program. 

This time the audience listened to Bach, Vivaldi, Kreisler, Dzheniks, Tchaikovsky, lyrical works were replaced by dynamic ones, people were first crying then shining with joy. And after each piece, virtuously performed by Shutko, the audience burst into sincere applause. Mukachevo string orchestra provided the musical accompaniment of the soloists and its leader Sergey Dobosh together with Ostap Shutko performed primary arias of some tunes. As Mr. Dobosh pointed out before the concert, it is a great pleasure for the city to organize a concert of such a level with the leading musicians of Ukraine and even more, it is good that authorities are helping too.

The concert lasted two hours, instead of the planned one and a half - the musicians performed several more works at the request of the audience, and then the audience surrounded the Lviv guests in the lobby to buy CDs and get autographs. 

- What has your third visit to Mukachevo been caused by?
- Many of the causes of our arrival were related. First of all, our friendship with violinist Sergey Dobosh has played a significant role here. Collaboration with a group "DoMA" has grown into a real musical project. In the city of Latoritsa there are really great musicians with whom we can make serious programs.

Secondly, we were afraid to go to Mukachevo for the third time. We did not want to bore people with our music. But the hall was full again. I am glad that someone came to the concert for the first time to discover the classics. If people ask, how can we ignore it and not to come back? 

- You have already seen a bit of Transcarpathia. Which places have you visited?

  - I recently played at the closing of the music festival in Uzhgorod Philharmonic. In addition to Uzhgorod and Mukachevo, I once played in Irshava. Now we are planning to show our program in Khust, Svalyava and some other Transcarpathian towns. It seems that having some experience, we will be able to arouse the interest of many, so that the residents of other towns could also see and hear the music.

People do not listen to classical music not because they do not like it. Having attended our performances, people discover new experiences.

- At the entrance to the concert the audience was surveyed. Will their answers play a role in forming your future program?

 - Of course. Every effort is made to determine the programs: what works people want to hear, when it is good time for them etc.

- Will we at some point hear a concert of works listed by listeners and viewers?

- I think the survey is the first step to such a concert.

- Perhaps, after this you will release a special CD?

- Yes. By the way, I recently recorded one with the Mariupol Chamber Orchestra. I was asked why not with the musicians from Kiev and Lvov. And for me, on the contrary, it is nice that in such a way I can support individual artists.

- What favourite piece do you perform for the audience with pleasure?

- There are many such works. But it all depends on my mood. Sometimes, I want to play something slow or, on the contrary, something virtuosic. And sometimes, when you follow the mood of the audience, the work becomes enjoyable for both - a musician and a person from the audience. I think after these songs you get the influx of new energy.