Features of European “fuel” (PHOTOS)

Transcarpathian customs officers found a contraband in railway transport. The car, taken under customs control at the station "Shostka" (Sumy region) was following to the station "Batyevo – Lviv Railway" (Transcarpathian region) to be then moved to Slovakia. It was loaded with "pressed fuel" packed in big bags, which was cleared for export. The consignor of the cargo was a limited liability company in Sumy region, and the consignee was a non-resident company in Slovakia

The buyer’s refusal to accept the goods caused postponement of the customs declaration at the request of a representative of the company. This, in turn, raised doubts about the legality of the mentioned export transaction.

To prevent removal and subsequent concealment of tobacco products and involvement of Transcarpathian customs officers in corruption schemes, a petition for the court permit to conduct a search of the car under the criminal proceeding was prepared.

Currently, the search is being conducted. As a result of it, they have found tobacco products estimated at 100,000 UAH Euro ("Fest" and "Minsk" made in Belarus without excise duty stamps) disguised as pressed fuel, their confiscation is being conducted, the press service of the SFS informed.


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