Farmers from all over Ukraine learn from Transcarpathians

The representatives from all the regions of Ukraine gathered in Transcarpathian region, where the mesh which is supposed to protect 29 hectares of apple orchard of ‘Konyk’ farm against hailstones will be installed for the first time, informs Uzhgorod press club. The innovation which has to become stable in getting harvest interested the European companies’ representatives, specializing in the newest technologies in horticulture, the scientists of the Horticulture NAAN of Ukraine Institute, Institute of Water Problems and irrigation NAAN of Ukraine, UzhNU.

Such protection is especially relevant in Transcarpathia, because the hail damage occurs every second year here. Meanwhile, Europe has already learned how to protect their harvests. In Italy, for example, farmers cover up to 80% of gardens with the nets against the hailstones, which have a complex garden protection against pests and from the sun, say experts. The operation time of such net is from 7-8 to 20 years. Currently farmers from other regions of Ukraine want to adopt progressive experience of Transcarpathian citizens.    


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