Fantastic beauty of Transcarpathia: figure skating on a frozen lake in the middle of the mountains (PHOTOS)

Fascinating photos from the photo shoot on the lake, which is located within Rakhiv district of Transcarpathian region, were posted on the social network Facebook.
The photos were  published by Skliarchuk Olya
On the frozen highest mountain lake of Ukraine (1801 m above sea level), Brebeneskul, the model performed elements of figure skating. The photo shoot turned out to be extremely atmospheric and creative. 
Lake Brebeneskul is the highest mountain lake in Ukraine (1801 m above sea level), a hydrological natural monument of local significance, a tourist destination. The lake lies at the bottom of the glacial cirque. It feeds on precipitation and groundwater. The water is clear, blue. The width of the lake is 67 m, the length is 147 m. The greatest depth is 3.2 m. The river Brebeneskul (Tisa basin) originates from it. 


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