Fans of exotic animals have a chance terrarium animals at the exhibition in the “Aquarium”

On Saturday, April 16, at 11:00, in Uzhgorod, in the coffee shop "Aquarium" (L.Tolstoy str., 46), there will be the opening of the first in Transcarpathia exhibition of exotic reptiles, the infroms.

The aim of the event, according to the organizers, is to bring together fans of exotic animals, whose has recently increased in Uzhgorod…

The exhibition, organized by Uzhgorod terrarium enthusiasts, will feature their exotic pets – snakes, lizards, chameleons, tortoises, bird spiders, scorpions and snails.

  The organizers call their colleagues, who will read this information, to take part in the event. Contact phone – 050-372-71-71.
You will be able to see exotic animals for two weeks, from 16 to 30 of April inclusive, from 10.00 to 19.00.
Admission to the exhibition is free.

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