Famous Transcarpathians share a happy family formula

"And they lived happily ever after …" – do you think this can only be true in fairy tales? Millions of madly in love couples in the world which have celebrated wedding anniversaries will not agree with you.

Today, on May 15, in all parts of the world, the International Day of Family is celebrated. Everybody has his own secret of family comfort and strong marriage relationship. Uzhgorod.in also asked famous citizens of Transcarpathia about their formula of a happy family.


Margaryta Moshchak, the chairperson of the board of Regional Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in Transcarpathian region says, "First of all – respect"

"Each family has its recipe of happiness. First of all, one should not treat a man or a woman as personal property. It is a pity, but now it is very common. I have also noticed that half of my acquaintances are either not married or divorced, or have problems in their families. Marriage is a hard work and relationships, above all, must be built on respect. Good relationships are those that are based on care, sincerity, trust … It is important to appreciate your beloved one and every minute spent together".


Yaroslav Gretsa, a partner manager of the legal firm "Gretsa and Partners" says, "Love, respect, mutual understanding, microclimate"

"Formula for a happy family is first and foremost love, respect and understanding. Happy family is the one which has unique microclimate, the aura, in which it is a pleasure to be, where you feel good. Sweet, sweet home, people say. Indeed, when you feel spiritually comfortable at home, when your children bring you joy, it is a great luck. Love between a man and a woman is the foundation of a happy family. This love can defuse tension in the relationship, it makes it possible to move forward side by side, together".


Galina Moroz, chief physician of the specialized children’s sanatorium "Malyatko": "…everybody: children and adults, grandparents, great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers … "

"A happy family lives according to God’s commandments, and a man should be the head of it. It is good when between generations in the family there is understanding and mutual respect. Even better, when everybody – kids, adults, grandparents, great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers – live amicably together. Such an atmosphere brings a right moral and spiritual guidance. And if such families continue to exist, then our society will become right".


Michael MEGESH, director of Uzhgorod Taras Shevchenko linguistic school: “Children and grandchildren”

 "I have been married already for 41 years and I am the happiest man in the world. We have two nice sons and three grandchildren. This is a great joy that my sons keep up our family. The grandson is already the sixth boy in the family named Mikhail Mikhailovych!
 When there are many children and grandchildren in the family it makes you incredibly happy. Now there exists one problem – even though many people get married, majority divorces. Schools, unfortunately, do not prepare the society for a future married life".


Vasiliy KRUCHANITSA, a chief physician of the Transcarpathian Regional Drug Health Centre: "Friendship, love, good spirit"
 "Happy Family is first of all a complete family with children, and the relations in it are friendly, honest, warm, full of love. People should try to understand and support each other, to overcome all the difficulties together. In a happy family there should be a good spirit and a positive atmosphere".

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