Fallen trees, blocked traffic: storm swept through Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

In most districts, strong winds caused many disasters. 
The storm that occurred in most of Transcarpathia yesterday caused a lot of damaged. In particular, the rescue service was receiving calls all day and even at night of October 15 about fallen trees. 
Thus, in the village of Pylypets, Mizhhirya district, town of Velyky Berezny, the village of Smolohovytsia, Irshava district, in Uzhgorod and near the village of Suskovo, Svalyava district, trees fell on the roadway and blocked traffic. 
And in Volovets district, a tree fell into the bed of the river Abranka, which provoked the rise of water, which threatened to flood a household near the river. In all cases, officers of local fire and rescue units were sent to cut and remove the tree. 
In the evening, at 22:00, residents of the village of Tyshiv, Volovets district, called the rescue service and reported that heavy rains flooded the basement of a private house with groundwater. Rescuers of the state fire and rescue post of the village of Nyzhni Vorota pumped out 15 cubic meters of water from the basement. 


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