Fake authorization for a car “worth” 140,000 hryvnias

Armenian citizen failed to pass through the customs control and clearance at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border with forged authorization for the car, which customs value was over 137,000 hryvnias.

Driving from Hungary to Ukraine through the customs post "Luzhanka," 50-year-old foreigner submitted a certificate of car registration for "MINI-N MF71 5K", model «MINI COOPER S» (2009 model year), issued last year in Bulgaria. Everything looked fine until careful verification of documents. Customs officers’ attention was drawn by the lack of Bulgarian notary office number which issued the authorization letter for the car.


So, for submitting forged document to the customs officers the Armenian citizen was given a protocol for violation of customs regulations according to the Article 483 Part 1, and «MINI COOPER S» was seized to the customs warehouse until court’s decision, – informed Victoria Senhetovska, the press secretary of the Chop customs.

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