‘Fairy Olympics-2012’ on Dragobrat

Dragobrat is a fabulous place, ideal for skiing, even in those days, when it is spring on the lowlands. Evidence of this was the last day of March, when it was raining down in the region and here everything was covered with snow. The weather conditions contributed to a successful organization of the children’s ‘Fairy Olympics’ in giant slalom on the territory of a tourist complex ‘Oasis’.

In the annual competition among the youngest ones attended children of 4 to 11 years of age from sports clubs and schools in Kiev, Lviv, Transcarpathia, Chernihiv regions as well as from the capital (120 participants in total).

Among the organizers there were ski school ‘Oleniv’ of the complex Protasov Yar (Kiev region), HA "Oasis" and some manufacturers of ski equipment, guests of the competition and well-known legends of skiing.

Olympics, whose purpose is to attract children to skiing, promote active lifestyles among young people and their parents, and most importantly – promote health and cultural development of the nation is not held on Dragobrat for the first time . Cooperation agreement with the school ‘Oleniv’ was signed five years ago.

– The first ‘Fairy Olympics’ was held in Kiev, the second, third and fourth – on Dragobrat, where real snow lies for a long time’ – said the owner of "Oasis" Peter Grapenyuk. – This year it was supported by sponsors – enterprises ‘Atomic’ and ‘Solomon’, who provided prizes for the participants. Sincere gratitude is expressed to the school ‘Oleniv’ and its management, which did everything possible to make a ski holiday of a high level. This concerns both equipment and technical support.

Peter Petrovych insisted that the children arrive 5 days earlier to adapt to a local climate, ski slopes and snow and become members of the training camp.
 In the individual competition children of four age categories from the Sports School Yassin, ‘Dynamo’, club ‘Avalanche’, schools ‘Kashtan’, ‘Oleniv’, Youth sports school ‘Victoria’, ‘Oasis Team’, and sports school-15 took place. Boys and girls of 2007 year of birth and younger competed separately as well as those from 2005-2006, 2003-2004 and 2001.
 Juniors began ‘Spring Starts’. Children were competing on comfortable mountain slopes! When children having come to the finish line, got lost parents took their children with the ski equipment to their arms to calm them down. Their eyes lit up, a smile shined on their faces and the joy was immense when receiving stuffed elephants as a prize (a soft toy was presented to each participant).

A lot of ski stars came to Dragobrat: Galina Kostroma and her sister Faina Koval, Valentina Zakharenko, Julia Barova, Julia Harkivskaya, Vlad Zakharenko, Pavel Tsibilenko and a bobsledder Evgeny Popov, who awarded the winners. The participants confirmed a high level of professionalism of their coaches.

The first place in the team sports was awarded to the students of  sports school ‘Victoria’ (coaches F.Koval and G.Kostroma).
 The second line took the school ‘Oleniv’, followed by Kyiv Youth sports school-15. The School of Olympic Reserve for Youth Yasinya took the 8th, 9th and 10th places in team sports.
The winners received sports equipment brands, which sponsored the "Fairy …" on Dragobrat. None of the young ‘Olympians’ was left without a gift – neither champions, nor participants that  did not show better results this time. All the young athletes were delighted by the fact that in late March they got into a real winter. They were left satisfied and full of energy and encouraged by  tremendous support of parents, fans and friends.




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