Facts of illegal expenditure of budget money detected by the Prosecutor’s office of Volovetskyy district

The Prosecutor’s office of Volovetskyy district inspected the adherence to the requirements of the budget legislation by local authorities. The Prosecutor of Volovetskyy district Yuriy Romanets informed about the results.

During the inspection it was discovered that of a number of the village councils officials were not properly following the requirements of the Budget Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine ‘On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine’, the Law of Ukraine ‘On Local Self-government in Ukraine’.

The session decisions of 6 village councils of Volovetskyy district decided that compensation should be paid to the village heads monthly for the use of their personal transport. However, as it turned out, from October 31, 2010 the compensation of the expenses for the use of a personal car for service trips is not provided to the village and settlements councils’ officials by the legislation.

According to the results of the prosecutorial reaction the illegal decisions were canceled, more than 25000 hryvnia were compensated to the local budget and the charges were brought against five local government officials.

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