Extreme fire hazard in Transcarpathia was announced on the plain, but houses burn in the mountains

As uzhgorod.in reported, today on the flat part the Transcarpathian region extreme (category 5) and high (category 4) fire hazard is expected. However, for the past day the MOE have reported of more fires on the plain, than of that in the mountains.   

Thus, today at midnight rescuers reported of a fire in a residential building in Mizhhirya district. The house in the village of Synevyr was burning. The fire destroyed the foof. Direct losses are 2,500 UAH. The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

And yesterday, in the afternoon a fire broke out in the street facilities in the mountain village of Dobrianske in Tyachiv district. The fire destroyed the street facilities, half a ton of hay and household goods. In this case, the direct losses are estimated at 10,000 UAH, and the cause of the fire is also being established. 

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