Extra executive committee. In a minute the City Council decided the issue of heating and waste

The current extraordinary executive committee in Uzhgorod broke all records of speed. Within a few dozens of seconds the executive committee members approved two important issues: the beginning of the heating season in medical institutions and the results of the tender for the appointment of the service provider for the collection and removal of solid waste in the city.

So, the Executive Committee approved the beginning of the heating season in Uzhgorod perinatal center and the city hospital.
Also the members of the Executive Committee approved the company "AVE Uzhgorod" as the winner at the auction. From now on this company will be dealing with garbage removal in the regional center, as they have long been doing it in Mukachevo, Vinogradov, Khust.

During the swift consideration of this issue there was one small hitch – it turned out that not all members of the executive committee knew about "AVE" company. However, it did not take a long time. After a brief explanation of the mayor Pogorelov that the company has been operating in many cities of Ukraine, the tender result was approved without problems.

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