Experts: The Ukrainian language is losing ground in education and publishing

In 2012 in Ukraine for the first time since independence the share of students that are studying in Ukrainian decreased, and the share of Ukrainian books is less than half of the total circulation.

These are the data of the analytical review "State of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine in 2012", published on November 9 on the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian language by the movement "Space of Freedom" with the assistance of Internet publication

The document is based on statistics, sociology and their own monitoring studies conducted by volunteers across the country.

Ukrainian language is native to 2/3 of the citizens of Ukraine, 53% speak mostly Ukrainian. However, in independent Ukraine there are powerful factors of Russification and fabrication of inferiority complex among Ukrainian language speakers, the authors of the study noted.

"The most powerful of these factors are television and radio, and largely services and publications" – say the authors of the review.

In primetime of the eight highest-rated TV channels in October 2012 only 28% of airtime is devoted to Ukrainian language programs, 44% – Russian and 28% – bilingual programs.


On 6 popular radiostations songs in Ukrainian represent only 3.4% of the total number of songs in primetime (last year – 4.6%). However songs in Russian represent 60% of the total amount.

More than 60% of the total circulation of newspapers, 83% of magazines in Ukraine are published in Russian language, about 87% of all the books sold are also in Russian (most of them are imported from Russia).

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