Experts recommend Ukrainian to get rid of euro

Euro rate reached a minimum in the last two years, and experts predict currency fluctuations between 9.35 and 10.35 hryvnia.

Some experts say that the Eurocurrency will continue to fall below 9.5 hryvnia, other say that the rate will go up soon, informs ‘Segodnia’.

The reasons for the current reduction of euro prices experts name one and the same: problems in the economy of euro-zone countries. Thus, the head of IAC Forex club in Ukraine Mykola Ivchenko predicts that euro will fall down further because Spain has problems as well as Greece. This means that the crisis has seriously affected Spain.

The second reason – yesterday the IMF workers announced that they are not ready to help Greece with loan, because its government does not fulfill the requirements of creditors – to cut the salaries to budget employees and abolish benefits. Greece could borrow from the EU Central Bank, but some EU countries, including Finland, against it. The situation develops in a negative scenario euro’s decrease is expected in September, after Greece’s release from EU. It could fall to 1,15-1,18 dollars (currently it is 1, 21) or to 9,35-9,55 hryvnia. That is why, Ivancho advices to get rid of euro.

There is no unity among experts concerning hryvnia’s rate. Thus Ivchenko and Okhrymenko say that by the end of the year the reduction of prices should be expect to 8,30-8,40 hryvnia/ $, but Lvov is sure that it will stay at the current rate of 8,10-8,15 because the currency in the National Bank and commercial banks enough to knock down any rush of population. But even at the rate of 8.40 hryvnia will remain as the most profitable investment of capital.


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