Expect the visit of a police officer within a month

Within a month in Ukraine the operation "Visit" is carried out. If a law enforcement officer comes to your home do not get scared – the district police officer will speak to you and give you a memo with some helpful tips of how to protect yourself from thieves and will give you contact information. Such visits are aimed to develop law enforcement cooperation with citizens, strengthen their confidence in law enforcement and prevent the commission of various crimes.

It is possible that during the visit of the police officers house owners may have some questions or they might need some legal advice. Therefore, law enforcement officers will explain some of the provisions of the existing legislation. After all, the operation "Visit" is the opportunity to communicate with the police. In addition, the district police officers will hand over business cards with their contact phone numbers, addresses and schedules of citizen reception.
For example, in Mukachevo local "sheriffs" have visited more than 1,200 homes. First of all, police officers pay attention to the elderly and lonely people, because this category of citizens often fall victim to various criminals.

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