Exhibitions worth visiting in Uzhgorod

On Easter eve in the Transcarpathian Museum of Lore new displays and exhibitions were open. Interesting for those who will come there these days will be the exhibition ‘Folk tradition of Easter celebration at Svalyava district’. Easter bread takes the central part in the ritual. The process of its baking and sanctification can be seen in the photo. The exhibition includes the original displays, in particular Easter baskets, towels embroidered with colored threads with the words ‘Christ is risen’, Easter trough and, of course, Easter eggs.

Another new exhibition was opened here on the occasion of the 10th foundation anniversary Memorial Museum of Transcarpathian Ukraine President A. Voloshyn. At the ‘The Legacy of Avgustyn Voloshyn’ exhibition (from the museum funds) his personal belongings are exhibited in such a quantity for the firsts time including unique works – religious and secular embroidery, handmade by A. Voloshyn’s sisters and nieces.

And a new exhibition of the the history department of the museum ‘The appearance and operation of the joint stock company ‘Unio’ (1902-1932)’ makes it possible for visitors to get acquainted with publishing process of the first joint stock company of our region, which was originally located in the premises of Uzhgorod Theological Seminary (in the castle). Its mission was education, publishing of prayer books, school textbooks, dictionaries, calendars and newspapers. The exhibition includes more than 150 editions, printed by the ‘Unio’ company during its existence.

Source: http://chas-z.com.ua

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