Everyday life of Transcarpathian police: car chase with sirens (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

In Uzhgorod, a drunk driver was driving a car with forged license plates. Meanwhile, in Mukachevo, patrol police officers were chasing a drug addict who was wanted as a missing person.

In Uzhgorod, on Mukachivska Street patrol policemen stopped a BMW. The driver was intoxicated, which was confirmed by a test. During the inspection of documents and the vehicle, the inspectors found signs of forgery of the car license plates and components.


Meanwhile, in Mukachevo, patrol police officers had to chase another traffic offender. The owner of an Audi driving on Matrosov Street did not obey the order to stop. Driving in the direction of Uzhgorod, the offender was causing dangerous situations. Patrol policemen send his description to other crews, the car was stopped in Uzhgorod district near the village of Velyki Lazy. No one was injured during the chase. When the car was blocked, the driver tried to run away, so he was handcuffed. The man had signs of drug intoxication (pictured below). In addition, it turned out that the man was wanted as a missing person.



Both cases are under investigation.

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