Everybody freeze! Due to the lack of buses during the holidays no one will leave!

There is no need to be an expert of transportation systems to be able to adequately assess the quality of bus service in our region. To do this, one should go to any of the bus stations and buy a ticket in any direction. Such vagueness is not accidental, because no matter where you go, there is a surprise for you everywhere.

Oksana, who works in Uzhgorod and travels every weekend to her parents in Irshava, says that on holidays it is impossible to leave the district center. There are no buses. Meaning, they do exist in the schedule, but there is none to carry people. At the station they explained that drivers are also humans and they want to celebrate the holidays too, so no one can help. And this happens every year: you need to wait for half a day before some illegal taxi takes you to Mukachevo at least. And from there you can easily reach the regional center, even by train.

This situation occurs throughout the region every time before holidays, says the head of the institution that is a link between passengers and carriers – the Chairman of the Board of ‘Zakarpatavtotrans’ Miklos Kosse said. ‘On the holidays eve we always try to attract more buses. But again, at the level of the client, which is the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, as of Wednesday, April 11 there are no changes. The only thing which is obvious is that we need to attract a lot of buses in this period, and during the holidays – to reduce their number.’

According to Miklos Dyulovich, because of this uncertainty chaos reigns in the transportation system. Since drivers are not ‘busy’, they write applications that they will not work on holidays. It turns out that Irshava and Volovets districts remain without a single bus. Therefore, the list of towns and villages without buses during holidays can be continued. ‘We do know that this is unacceptable, because people need a connection even on holidays, at least 1-2 buses. But there is no impact on drivers. They simply write the statement so that we can somehow inform passengers of the fact that buses will not run. It can only be controlled by the client.’

As the First Deputy Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration, Ivan Buschko, commented in the telephone conversation with ‘Zamok’, in general the number of buses in all directions has increased up to 25% for the last month. But the decision about additional buses at  Easter holidays on Narodna has not yet been made.
In short, no measures to improve transport links for the holidays in the area have been taken. Drivers are not obliged to work, so they do not go provide their services. And experience shows that most of those who do work, he will just break the schedule. And, as usual, ordinary citizens will suffer from this.

The information about other problems which Transcarpathian people face in this area, what the most problematic areas in the transport and communication there are and if the prices will increase for long-distance transportation, read in the next issue of the newspaper.

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