Every fifth Uzhgorod citizen is allergic

‘We are proud of the cleanest Uzhgorod environment, but according to the Allergic Diseases of Ukraine statistics, our results are not better than those which are in metropolitan areas’, – informed Doctor-allergist Alla Petrishchak in the press center ‘Zakarpattia’ today, May 28.

Nearly 300 children who suffer from the bronchial asthma, 450 with allergic rhinitis symptoms and 600 with dermatitis live in the regional center of Transcarpathia according to the expert. In most cases these are those who turned for the help to the Medical Institutions and were registered in the medical statistics. ‘Actually, – the doctor said – there are much more of those who are suffer from this disease’. What concerns the adults, every fifth Uzhgorod citizen is allergic according to the survey which was conducted by the Kiev scholars. 

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