Every European will be given two booklets at customs in Transcarpathia

All Europeans, visiting Ukraine, at the checkpoints of Transcarpathia will be offered two booklets. One of them is a mini-version with the information in German and English, containing a list of gas stations, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and other useful places for travelers.

Another one, bigger, gives information on interesting natural, architectural, cultural and other objects worth visiting in Transcarpathia. The second guide also includes a CD with the same information in digital format. This was announced today, on May 21, by the Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration (RSA) Oleksandr Ledyda at the press conference. The brochures are made primarily for the fans who will travel to Euro 2012. We remind that modern laptops and net-books do not have a CD-ROM for viewing CDs.
Ledyda also said that the headquarters has been set in the region, which includes representatives from various services, namely road workers, law enforcement, customs officers, border guards who are to  coordinate the resolution of all issues, connected with the influx of visitors to the football championship, as well as due to the fact that many families who are not interested in football, at this time will go to Europe on vacation. Alexander Ledyda is in charge of the headquarters.
When asked how the RSA chairman personally evaluates the readiness for the football championship, especially considering the state of the roads, and the fact that the roadsides along the motorways where travelers could rest, have never been equipped, Ledyda replied evasively. In particular, funds that have started to arrive to Transcarpathia for repairing roads, are provided for public roads, as to the roads of national importance, they say, there will not be any problems, the grass on the road sides will be cut and rubbish – cleaned. The matter of the road detour Rakoshino remains unresolved, but later it will be finally done. If tourists, on their way to the championship in Lviv, want to see, say, our Shipot Falls, then … they have to go slower. However, as Alexander Ledyda optimistically summarized, the roads is a problem of the whole country, and on the basis of his personal journey to Rakhiv and Tyachev districts on the first day of the week, he informs they are being actively repaired.

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