European Parliament former President named conditions on the relations improvement between the EU and Ukraine

The relationship between Ukraine and the EU may be enhanced if the fair elections are held in Ukraine and the politicians’ conviction problem is resolved.

This was said to the newspaper edition ‘Kommersant Ukraina’ by the European Parliament former President (from 2009 till January 2012) Yezhy Buzek.

‘The fair elections and resolving problems of the former politicians, who were put in prison, can change the current course of events. Therefore, I do not want to say that the relationship will become increasingly worse and worse – I still hope that they will improve. The result can be achieved even before the Euro 2012 it is enough to find out the way out from the former Premier situation in those few days that left. You do not have to make some difficult decisions’, – he pointed out.

We can avoid the pessimistic scenario of events, according to him. At the same time, Buzek stressed out that the choice of European way will affect the economic situation in Ukraine due to the EU investment projects. ‘We could help Ukraine to cope with the current account and budget deficits. The stability in Ukraine is required by our investors, which Ukraine still does not have’, – he said.

The European Parliament former President also said that Ukraine will manage to hold the fair elections. ‘Free and fair elections with all the political parties right of participation is one of the most fundamental democracy conditions and I still hope that this right will be provided in Ukraine. Your parliamentary and presidential elections were recognized as fair and free after 2004 and we hope that this tradition will continue’ – pointed out Buzek.   


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