European Court acknowledged the tragedy of Katyn a war crime

The European Court of Human Rights found the mass murder of the Polish in the Soviet Union a war crime, Radio Svoboda informs. However, they refused to assess the investigation effectiveness of the so-called ‘Katyn case’, which was held by the Russian government.

Relatives of the executed in 1940, 15 Polish citizens went to court to complain that Russia, having ineffective investigation, violated the European Convention on the Right for Life.
The head of military prosecution in Russia closed the case in 2004 with a classified order. European Court found this inhuman attitude to the relatives of the killed and accused Russia of concealing information.
Meanwhile, Justice Ministry of Russia informs about the rejection of the European Court in the demand of the Poles, whose relatives were shot at Katyn, for compensation.

As you know, in 1940 the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (PCIA) near Smolensk shot 20,000 Polish citizens. For a long time Soviet propaganda had been blaming Nazi Germany of the crime.

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