European Commission President is not coming to Ukraine for Euro

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barrozu is not planning to take part in the finals of European Football Championship in Ukraine, which is organizing championships together with a EU member – Poland.
As reported by УНИАН, the spokeswoman of Barrozu Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen declared this on Monday.
"It is obvious that at present the head of EC has no intention to participate in the activities of Euro 2012 in Ukraine", said the spokeswoman, quoted by PAP.

 She noted that the Commission is "very concerned about the situation in Ukraine", noting that the EC is planning to monitor further development of events in this country – the biggest eastern neighbor of EU.

 A spokeswoman also reminded that the head of the EU diplomatic service and the EC vice-chairman Catherine Ashton released a statement criticizing the universal suffrage in Ukraine, particularly in the context of the case of the former head of the Ukrainian Government Yulia Tymoshenko.

Over the last few days, politicians from several European countries, particularly from Germany and Italy urged the EU to boycott the matches of Euro 2012, which will be held in Ukraine in early summer, because of Yulia Tymoshenko’s case which they consider "politically motivated".

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