Europe Champion Spanish team failed to outplay the Italian team (VIDEO)

The Group C favorites failed to reveal the winner in the match with each other. Spanish team participant Seska Fabregas scored the precise hit on Antonio di Natale’s goal.

Group C favorites and the Euro 2012 national teams of Italy and Spain tied to 1:1 in the first match round.

It should be noted that the Spanish team did not have any ‘pure’ forward in the starting lineup on the field. Del Bosque’s team was lost in a viscous rival defense and Prandelli’s team counterattacks were more acute.

In particular, Antonio Cassano tortured with his flank breakthroughs the Spanish defense. Besides, Pirlo, Markizio and Motta were threatened by the dangerous Kasilias beats; Spanish was remembered before the break by Iniesta’s goal and his one-on-one play with Buffon.

Instead of Balotetti went di Natale on the field in the second half of the game. This replacement gave the result within 5 minutes. Pirlo scored the goal on the 61-minute.

It was enough three minutes and two hits for Del Bosque’s team to equalize the score – the first far from Iniest, then in one touch from Farbregas. The first Buffon reflected, the second he failed – 1:1.

Teams exchanged with dangerous moments at the end. At first, Torres almost went on another ‘date’ with Buffon but sent the ball above the net. The Italian team has almost the same solo passage from their half of the field on which was made by Markizio. Summary – fighting draw a tie and intrigue in the group.

Spain – Italy 1:1

Goals: Fabregas 64 – Di Natale 61

Spain: Kasilias, Silva (Nava 65), Alba, Arbeloa, Buskets, Ramos, Alonso, Fabregas (Torres 74), Khavi, Iniesa, Pike

Italy: Buffon, Pirlo, Bonuchchi, De Rossi, Dzhakkerini, Kassano (Dzhovinko 65), Balotelli (Di Natele 57), Markizio, Motta (Nocherino 90), Kiellini, Madzho.

Warnings: Alba 67, Arbeloa 85, Torres 86 – Balotelli 37, Bonuchchi 67, Madzho 89

It should be noted that in the next Group C round Italy will play with Croatia and Spain with the Ireland team.  

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