Europe came up with two alternatives for a boycott of Euro-2012

President of the European People’s Party (EPP) Wilfried Martens is calling for protests during Euro 2012 in Ukraine.
According to Belgian media, Martens “will not talk about the boycott, but he will call for politicians who will travel to Ukraine, to insistently use every opportunity to improve human rights, as well as demand and ask to visit the ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in prison."

"Politically motivated court sentenced Timoshenko to seven years of imprisonment, and, as it follows from the reports of human rights organization (referring to former Ombudsman Nina Karpachova), she is brutally treated in prison," – said the president of EPP.

At the same time, the European Parliament Deputy (group of People’s parties, Germany), Michael Haler  calls on European politicians to boycott Euro 2012 in Ukraine and go to the championship, but to share the seats with fans, distancing themselves from the Ukrainian officials.

This is discussed in Galer’s press release, the text of which has been transferred to the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" on Wednesday in Brussels.

The Member of European Parliament believes that instead of a boycott for European politicians priority must be set on the help to Tymoshenko and the demand to allow her leave Ukraine and to go to Germany for medical treatment."

"Instead of boycotting, politicians of participating in Euro 2012 countries should to go to Ukraine, but in the stadium they must avoid the sectors for distinguished guests. It would be an obvious distancing from the Yanukovych’s government. European politicians must join ordinary fans on the usual stands to support their teams together,"- said the European politician.

The MEP also believes that the UEFA functionaries may join the fans.
As it was reported in the office of the deputy, the proposal was discussed with the Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday in Berlin at the meeting of 42 members of parliament from the Christian Democratic Party.

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