Eurocar will leave Transcarpathia due to the law enforcement pressure

The ‘Eurocar’ factory can cease the car production in Transcarpathia. At least, the company shareholders may take such a decision due to the regular law enforcement inspections.

This was announced by the ‘Eurocar’ General Director Oleksii Yahichev at the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration meeting which was dedicated to the law enforcement business inspections on the President’s order.

O. Yahichev named several inspections’ facts and noted that the law enforcement officers constantly interfere in their work. Thus, several criminal cases were initiated. They were connected with 10 ‘Volkswagen’ cars smuggling and 10 million hryvnia budget deficiency. They also initiated the cases based on the income taxes non-payment.

‘These cases were investigated, but the responsible for these deeds have not been found’ – he pointed out.

The General Director expressed his hope that this application will be able to influence the situation, otherwise, ‘Eurocar’ will have to leave Transcarpathia.

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