“Eurocar” reduces production by 20%

The plant "Eurocar" that produces the assembly of Skoda cars in the village of Solomonovo of Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region, has reported on the negative dynamics of production over the last month.

This April, the producer of brand SKODA in Ukraine, private company "Eurocar", released 20% fewer cars than the previous month. The decline in production at the plant "Eurocar" is associated with the lack of state support for carmakers, they said in a press release of the company "Eurocar".

The chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Eurocar" Oleg Boyarin is convinced that their production can meet domestic needs by 70% – but only if the state is on the producers’ side. "Growth in sales of vehicles of domestic production will significantly increase the transfer to the budgets of all levels and special funds. Therefore, it will be beneficial for the government to create conditions in which the major carmakers will develop domestic production and maintain our economy" – Oleg Boyarin stresses.

Note: Private company "Eurocar" belongs to a group of companies "Atoll Holding", located in Uzhgorod district of Transcarpathian region. Production of passenger cars has been carried out since December 2001. The total volume of investment into the project "Eurocar" is 250 million U.S. dollars.


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