‘Eurocar’ helped the Transcarpathian ‘governor’ to get the 12th place in the rating

The Ukrainian regions leaders’ top was published in the 23 issue of socio-political business weekly ‘Kommentarii’. The ‘governors’’ rating is based on 20 criteria.

The Transcarpathian region ‘governor’ Alexandr Ledyda occupied the 12th place in the rating this year. At the same time, it was clearly stressed in the RSA head section that this happened only due to two points – Demography and thanks to the ‘Eurocar’ factory, the growth of industry indexes. Therefore, the section is called ‘Ledyda depends on Boyaryn’.

Ledyda depends on Bayaryn

Last year, the Transcarpathian industry demonstrated a relatively weak growth – only 1,8% in comparison with 2010, but in the first quarter of 2012 it rose in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year by 12,5 5 (the third place in Ukraine), and on the basis of four months – by 13,1% (the second place). It is primarily due to the fact that the ‘Eurocar’ factory (located in the village of Solomonovo in Uzhgorod district, which is included in the ‘Atoll Holding’ group of Oleg Boyaryn) started the welding and coloring production with 50 thousand passenger cars’ production capacity a year at the end of 2011.

The industry growth is the only thing (excluding decent demographic indicators) with which ‘governor’ Alexandr Ledyda can boast (17 points). Transcarpathia got in the six of the best with one more criteria – with the subsidies providing from the local budget.

We want to remind you that A. Ledyda occupied 23rd from 27 places in the March and December ratings.

The General Director of ‘Eurocar’ Oleksii Yagishev announced at the Transcarpathian Regional Administration meeting which took place on June 6th, that the ‘Eurocar’ factory can stop its production in Transcarpathia, due to the regular law enforcement officers’ inspections. 

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