Euro 2012 finals safety was discussed at the RSA meeting

The meeting of the regional interdepartmental coordinating staff on security and order during the Euro 2012 conducting was held on the premises of the Regional State Administration on Thursday, May 17. The meeting was headed by the RSA head deputy, the staff head Volodymyr Prykhodko, – informs the RSA press center.

The main agenda item is whether the Transcarpathian region law enforcement agencies ready to the Euro 2012 Football Championship finals in Ukraine. Transcarpathian region is a transit point with the border crossing points, which are located on the regions territory through which the European participants and fans will pass. Therefore today, the special attention is paid to providing order at the border crossing points and transport facilities.

In the management of MIA of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region is planned to form from June 5 till July 5 several checkpoints the so-called micro centers security. Also, since the football matches are not to be held in the regional territory, the Transcarpathian law enforcement officers will be involved in the security order patrolling in Lviv. The training meetings on law and order issues have been repeatedly held with the cross border customs checkpoints, border detachments, the Ministry for Emergency, MIA during the period of work of the coordinating staff.

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