Especially for Belyakov – we waiting for response

"Our bus drivers are "brilliant" as always… 20 minutes ago I watched another not very nice situation at the bus stop of Liberty Ave., near the post-office. The bus number 22 (license number AO9847VA), a retired lady (who relied on a stick) tried to enter the bus and in response the driver threw her away with a phrase "Not so fast!" and closed the door oin front of an elderly woman … "- Uzhgorod citizen Konstantyn Kutsov wrote on his Facebook page in this morning.

"As the special deputy mayor Yuri Belyakov in his interviews and comments to the press regularly claims that he will undoubtedly respond to any complaints about rudeness towards passengers and withdraw coarse drivers from routes, please consider this post to be an official complaint awaiting for the appropriate reaction."- summed up the activist.

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