Erotic sports. Uzhgorod ladies get ready to the pole dance championship

Recently, more and more Transcarpathian women have been fond of dancing and activities that develop femininity and sexuality. Oriental dance, strip plastic, go-go (club dance) – all of it, women say, they need to feel beautiful and desirable.

However, among these activities there is one that has gained the official sport status. This is pole dance – a mix of erotic dance with elements of acrobatics. In Transcarpathia this sport is still very young, but is rapidly developing. This year in Uzhgorod a school of pole dance "Bree Studio" opened, whose owner Brihitta Prokop-Tsyhyka coaches 45 women aged 20 to 60 years.

Brihitta told the "Zamok", that she had been doing dancing since she was 3 years old: first – ballroom dancing in the studio "Grace", then – modern dancing in the "Dance corporation of friends." Pole dancing interested her about three years ago since she first saw how gracefully acrobatics performed on the pole look. "I never took pole dancing as something indecent, – the young coach said – because it is actually a kind of calisthenics with the only difference being that its apparatus is a pylon. Many women come to me with the idea that I will teach them to strip. However, I immediately explain that I am not a stripper and will not teach them to undress."

"I really like pole dancing because it combines great exercise with dance – Uzhgorod coach shares her experience. – To keep your weight on the pole, you must have a strong back, arms and legs. Strip plastic is much easier in this respect, because it only develops plasticity. A woman can can  rather quickly master the basic movements and form them into a dance that is performed with any object: a chair or even a bedside.Striptease is also more about undressing and dancing around a pole, not on it. In pole-dance there are fairly strict rules, for example, while dancing a sportsman can not touch her body and her dress should be modest – no ruches, ribbons, low cuts, ie, no element of eroticism."

"I noticed that usually women who come to me want to be more confident. Maybe they do not have enough male attention, or maybe they want to prove to themselves that even in middle age they can be sexy, graceful. I think that is why I have a lot of 40-year-old women. This is precisely the age when you realize approaching old age and want to prolong the youth. And also husbends no longer pay attention to their wives, there is no longer that spark in feelings. And pole-dance is certainly the kind of physical activity, which could make a woman of any age sexy and sensual again,"- said the coach.

Although there are women who come to pole dancing classes for other reasons. According to Brihitta, this sport develops all kinds of muscles and strengthens the back. So women with scoliosis come to relieve pains in the waist. Also pole-dance helps to lose weight. The coach says that any woman can to learn at least the minimum tricks on the pylon. Even if they are overweight and have never played sports.      

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