Environmental Minister: only “Baba Yaga” is against small hydro power plants in Transcarpathia

"Around the small hydros there are too many rumors and noise. There are several aspects where politics rather than common sense is used – said the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Oleg Proskuryakov on a meeting with journalists in the press center of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration today, on March 26. – It concerns also the small hydro power plants. We visited one such station and saw that everything may coexist. The routes for fish remained natural. Mini-hydro is generating electricity without harming the environment. We must reject the politics and someone’s personal interests, because the potential is huge.
Transcarpathia can be fully provided with electricity through mini-hydro. But there are people who live by the principle of "Baba Yaga reject everything." They are not interested in arguments at all. We need to show that this is needed, beneficial and does not imply any adverse effects. "

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