Entrance campaign to the Ukrainian universities starts today

The entrance campaign in 2012 to the higher educational establishments of Ukraine will be held from July 2 to July 31 this year. Therefore, today starts the reception of applications and documents from entrants.

Some changes were made to the state terms of admission to national higher educational institutions in 2012, therefore, we remind some of them. Thus, reception of documents from the individuals who will pass the entrance exams to universities will end on July 20, and the entrance exams will be held from July 21 to July 31. The acceptance of applications from entrants who have to pass creative contests (journalists, actors, directors, art direction) will be carried out during 16 days – from July 2 to July 17, and the creative contests itself, which will take place in several sessions – from July 10 to July 31.

Rating scale lists of all the higher educational institutions must be published not later than at 12 p.m. on August 1, and the admission to universities for full-time education on state order – up to August 11 and under the contract – until August 25. It was established three stages of admission after the public announcement of rating lists: the first wave – 4 days on submission of documents, 2-3 waves – 3 days for each.

The new terms also determine that in order to obtain education at Bachelor level those applicants who submit certificates from external assessment with points not less than 124 for not profile subjects and at least 140 – with the profile are allowed to participate in the competitive selection.

Entrants can apply either in person or in an electronic form up to 5 higher educational establishments and on 3 specialties in each of them (maximum 15 specialties). However, this year’s reception committee must record the fact of submission of each application in the paper form to the Single State Electronic Database of Educational Issues (SSEDEI).

Previously the Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sports Dmytro Tabachnyk assured that with the heads of universities who will violate the state terms of admission to higher education institutions the contracts will be broken.

We remind also that an operational headquarter ‘The Entrance Campaign 2012’ starts to work at the Ministry from July 2. There will be organized constant reception of citizens and provided operative reaction for their appeals on entrance campaign issues. Consulting headquarters’ phones: on issues to university admission – (044) 486-78-48, to vocational and technical education institutions – (044) 279-16-56. 


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