“Enchanted Land” National Park is developing tourism potential of Transcarpathia (PHOTOS)

Prospects of tourism potential development of the territory of the "Enchanted Land" National Park were presented to the representatives of the surrounding villages, the employees of the National Park and tourism sector.

Training on “Prospects of tourism development and formation of community attractiveness. Mobilization of the parties and the population” took place on Monday, August 19, 2019 at the premises of the Irshava District State Administration.

Representatives of local authorities, business, mass media, activists of local territorial and religious communities took part in the training.

Tourism expert Oleksandr Koval shared his knowledge on how to develop the potential of villages in the territory of the "Enchanted Land" National Park in Irshava district and how to make the community more attractive.

According to the expert, information is one of the components of tourism infrastructure development. That is why, it is necessary to spread information about unique features of the territory, about the events that take place here, what is produced here, and most importantly, what there is to see and to do here. For this purpose, village council representatives, tourism industry leaders, together with the National Park administration, must develop propositions and bring them to the market.

Representatives of the Irshava District State Administration, the National Park, tourism industry leaders were eagerly sharing their own work experience in this field, ideas, visions and prospective plans. During the discussions, they noted the importance of management in the tourism business, the ability to present a service in a nice wrapper and to sell it to the consumer.

Reference: The event was part of a project by the German Union for the Conservation of Nature (NABU) in collaboration with the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS) "Adapting Local Communities to Enlarge Transcarpathian National Parks by the Joint Efforts of Churches and NGOs."

The project is being implemented in the territories of three Transcarpathian parks that were expanded with new territories in April this year: "Synevyr" National Nature Park, Uzhok National Nature Park and "Enchanted Land" National Nature Park.

Information Service of the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS).

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