Eligible bachelors of Ukraine: ours are the best!

On the eve of St.Valentine Day, "Obozrevatel" amused women by creating the Top 10 of eligible bachelors – MPs.

Among the deputies there are 40 men unencumbered by family ties: 18 from the Party of Regions, 7 members of the "Batkivshchyna", 6 Communists, 5 unaffiliated MPs, 3 members of the "Svoboda" and only one representative of the "UDAR".

These men today are good catch for gold-diggers or women who just want to marry successfully. Most deputies are able to care for themselves, successful, wealthy and often busy with work, and therefore will not burden their spouse with undue attention. But best of all, many of them turned out to be millionaires and it is only according to the official statement.

The second place in the top ten of "parliamentary" bachelors is occupied by our countryman Nestor Shufrich.

The main advantages of this "groom" are "steady place in the Parliament", which gives a guarantee of employment in the near future, the presence of adult children (2 sons); solid "dowry": 2 plots of land, a house and 6 apartments!

Although, Mr. Shufrich in his comments alludes to the fact that he is not free, according to "Obozrevatel", at the moment, there is no stamp of marriage in his passport.


Name, faction

Income for the last year

Property / land




Nestor Shufrich, PR

78.7 million hryvnias, 241,500 hryvnias more on the account

Land plot 1,000, 30,000 sq.m., house 53.98 sq.m., 6 apartments: 128.2, 68.8, 65.8, 308.6, 122.4, 83.9 sq. m.

Land Rover (2008)

2 sons

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