Electronic boards in the center of Uzhgorod will be dismantled – the decision of the executive committee of the city council

At today’s meeting of the executive committee of the Uzhgorod City Council, they discussed the issues of arranging outdoor advertising objects.

In order to preserve the authenticity of the historical environment of Uzhgorod and increase its tourist attractiveness, the members of the executive committee decided to ban all advertising on electronic media in the central part of the city.

In particular, the decision applies to screens / TVs, LED displays (except for full color screens), LED crawling lights, and so on. The list of banned advertising media also includes informational designs and signs with flickering elements.

The owners of the outdoor advertising must dismantle such advertising designs within a month from the date of the decision.   

The complete list of the outdoor advertising objects that must be dismantled can be found here.

At the same time, the executive committee of Uzhgorod City Council granted permission to install 3 new advertising media. Thus, a billboard will be installed on the facade of the building №11 on Peremoha street – the relevant permission for 5 years was granted to the Ukrsibbank. Two more advertising objects will be installed by the "Transcarpathian Endoclinic" – a shield on the facade of the building at Leo Tolstoy st., 27 A and a two-sided lightbox.

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