Election wonders in Transcarpathia. A murder convict among candidates

I.Sytar, who was sentenced to 15 years for the murder of Mykhailo Tokar, is running to Mizhhirya district council. He was nominated by the party "Vidrodzhennya", which in Transcarpathia is headed by MP Mykhailo Lanyo, who in turn was a subordinate of Mykhailo Tokar and inherited part of his empire after the murder.

As stated on the website of the CEC, Ivan Pavlovich Sytar, born on 07.11.1972, a citizen of Ukraine, vocational education, without party affiliation, temporarily unemployed, address: the village of Kolochava, is a candidate for deputy of Mizhhirya District Council in the 14th constituency from the party "Vidrodzhennya".

This man in February 2000 was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the decision of the Transcarpathian Regional Court for the murder of Mykhailo Tokar (also known by the nickname "Gesha") on December 28, 1998.


All this is an additional argument in favor of the version that people are now openly collaborating in the elections in Transcarpathia – Viktor Medvedchuk, who received then an absolute political power in Transcarpathia and Mykhailo Lanyo (Blyuk), who inherited part of the "Gesha’s" empire – were interested in the murder of Mykhailo Tokar.





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