Educational institutions of Transcarpathia have received school buses (PHOTOS)

Educational institutions of Beregovo, Velyky Berezny, Vynogradiv, Volovets, Irshava, Mukachevo, Perechyn, Rakhiv, Svalyava, Tyachiv, Uzhgorod, Khust districts, as well as the city of Khust have received new school buses.
The keys and certificates were handed to the heads of educational institutions by the head of the Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal and the Chairman of the Regional Council Mykhailo Rivis.
The buses for students were purchased at the expense of the State Budget with co-financing from local budgets (70% to 30%) for the total amount of UAH 21.8 million. Thanks to the electronic procurement system "PROZORRO", they managed to save about nine hundred thousand hryvnia.
Recall that last year, in Transcarpathia, under the "School Bus" program, 27 buses were purchased and delivered to the educational institutions instead of the twenty buses sent to the ATO zone for the needs of the army in 2014 and 2015.


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