Eco-art picnic “Ostra the best” in Kamyanytsia brought together more than three hundred children and adults (PHOTOS)

The event was organized by the public organization "Happy Children" in cooperation with the village council. The main goal is to attract the attention of children and adults to the importance of preserving the landscape reserve Ostra, which is located on the territory of the village.

"Such events bring people together, make us think about the way we live and understand that the majority of problems are created by us, and we can solve them without waiting for someone else to do this. It is important to give a positive example to children, teach them to be ecologically conscious and responsible. The "Happy Children" charged us with positively, stimulated to take active action in order to streamline the Ostra, inform the villagers that this is a protected area. So, it is just the beginning", – the head of the village of Kamyanytsia Maria Koval-Mazyuta said. 

According to the project manager Lyudmila Syuzeva, the eco-art picnic is, first and foremost, a holiday for children, so the organizers made every effort to make the holiday fun, creative, creative and eco-oriented (all garbage was sorted during the event).  

The were different locations at the event. Everyone could find something interesting to do there. The space of master classes brought together art lovers. The children were making coffee souvenirs, bamboo photo frames, felt toys, magic cards, lanterns, ragdolls, hair decorations, as well as painting ceramics, decorating eco-bags. The teachers of the robotics club "RoiK.DIY.Robotics" taught children to assemble different chips, talked with them about robots and the latest technology.

This event took place within the framework of the project "Program of Environmental Public Initiatives for the East and West of Ukraine". The project is being implemented by the Development Foundation of the NGO "Western Ukrainian Resource Center" in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the press service of the NGO "Happy Children" informed.



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