‘Dynamo’ outplayed ‘Hoverla’ with a score of 1:3

The third round of the Premier League of Ukraine was opened by the match ‘Hoverla’ – ‘Dynamo’ on the main arena of the country.

‘Hoverla’ football players organized an excellent attack on the 20th minute and managed to go ahead (Olexander Kosyrin scored the goal).

‘Dynamo’ football players scored the equalizer on the 31st minute. After the submission of the corner Oleh Husyev locked the partner’s transfer, unfortunately, Olexander Nad did not reached the ball – 1:1.

As a result, the match ended up with the score of 3:1 in favor of ‘Dynamo’ (2:1 Braun Ideye 86 min, 3:1 Braun Ideye 90 2.).

Everyone was impressed by the play of ‘Hoverla’ football players, but it should be noted that our guys should tighten a bit their physical preparedness.

The main line with ‘Dynamo’ and ‘Shakhtar’ we have passed. We hope that we will take the first three points during the match with football team ‘Zoria’.

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