During the fire in Mukachevo, rescuers evacuated 8 people

In the evening on October 10, in Mukachevo, on Industrialna Street, a fire occurred in the basement of a five-storey residential building. The fire was noticed by residents of apartments on the lower floors of the building who smelled a smoke. 19:05, the concerned people reported the incident to the Rescue Service "101".

Firefighters of the 18th and 19th State Fire and Rescue Units were sent to eliminate the fire on Industrialna Street. Because the building stairwells were filled with smoke, they had to immediately evacuate residents. Some people left the building on their own, the rest (eight people) were helped by rescuers. Then, at 19:38, firefighters localized the fire, and at 20:10 completely eliminated it.

Law enforcement authorities are finding out the cause of the fire. According to preliminary data, the fire was caused by electrical short circuit in the basement. As a result, a fire destroyed a furniture cabinet, 2 sq. m. of foam on the wall and debris. In addition, walls and ceiling of the basement got sooty. The damages caused are being established.

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