During his visit to Transcarpathia, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak visited the Local Lore Museum (PHOTOS)

The head of the Security Service of Ukraine arrived to Transcarpathia on the eve of the anniversary of the proclamation of Carpathian Ukraine. Therefore, the events with his participation concerned not only the affairs of the service headed by him, but also this page of history.

Today, Vasyl Hrytsak came to Transcarpathia to take part in the round table "Carpathian Ukraine in 1938-1939 – a stage of Ukrainian state-building in the XX century" held in Uzhgorod National University.

Thus, the Service opened to historians, teachers and students the archive materials relating to Carpathian Ukraine.

– We must preserve the memory and disclose the details of all stages of the struggle of Ukrainians for their independence, therefore the Security Service gives researchers an opportunity to study the documents that we keep, – the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine said.

Associate Professor of Uzhgorod University Ivan Chavarha in turn handed the archives of the Service a handwritten copy of the KGB criminal case against the Prime Minister autonomous government of Carpathian Ukraine Augustin Voloshin. The original document is kept at the FSB and Ukrainian researchers have no access to it.

– Modern soldiers have a good example of heroic defense of our native land – Vasyl Hrytsak said.




Also, during the working trip, the head of the Security Service visited the Transcarpathian Regional Local Lore Museum, where together with the head of the RSA Hennadiy Moskal he visited the memorial room of the President of Carpathian Ukraine Augustin Voloshin.


Source: Karpatpost

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