Due to the tragedy on Dekabristov street ‘Zakarpatgaz’ inspects 171 flats

Due to the fact that the causes and circumstances of the accident, which resulted in deaths of the two residents in a 9-storey building on Dekabristov street, 35 in Uzhgorod are still not defined (there is neither forensic examination nor the conclusion from the state enterprise ‘Transcarpathian Expert Technology Center’), extraordinary planning and technical maintenance of in-house gas equipment in the building is continuing.

As the press service of ‘Zakarpatgaz’ informs, for today 128 apartments have been inspected out of 171, there were found 12 gas appliances installed without permission with the violation of safety rules, which does not allow ‘Zakarpatgaz’ to resume gas supply.

The resumption of gas supply is possible only if the residents of 43 remaining flats allow the workers of ‘Zakarpatgaz’ check gas supplying devices in their apartments.

The residents are asked to contribute to the actions of ‘Zakarpatgaz’ in order to avoid unintended dangerous consequences.

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